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This article is about the current version of DF.

Shrublands are biomes covered in grass, additionally many other plants occur. They are very similar to grasslands or savannas. These biomes contain fewer trees than forests, although they usually have enough to get by unless you need large amounts of wood for fuel. They usually have plenty of murky pools, and often have brooks or even rivers. They tend to have less ore than mountains, but as with any biome, you can find some if you dig down a few z-levels and look hard enough.

Shrublands come in temperate and tropical varieties.


[edit] Temperate shrublands

[edit] Wildlife

[edit] Creatures

In temperate shrublands appear:

In good temperate shrublands appear:

In evil temperate shrublands appear:

[edit] Vermin

[edit] Tropical shrublands

[edit] Wildlife

[edit] Creatures

In tropical shrublands appear:

In savage tropical shrublands appear:

In good tropical shrublands appear:

In evil tropical shrublands appear:

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