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Lye Maker
Profession Farmer
Job Title Lye Maker
Labor Lye making


  • Strength
  • Toughness
  • Endurance
  • Kinesthetic Sense
This article is about the current version of DF.

Lye maker is the skill associated with the lye making labor. Lye makers are capable of operating an ashery to turn ash into lye or quicklime into milk of lime. While milk of lime is almost entirely unnecessary, lye is a crucial component of any fort's soap-making operation. As soap cannot be purchased from caravans, this would seem to make lye makers somewhat desirable. However, while highly skilled lye-makers can operate an ashery faster than dwarves without the skill, neither lye nor milk of lime have quality levels. This makes the skill mostly worthless. As a result, lye makers tend to be used as haulers, military dwarves, or worse...