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Memorials are buildings which can be built from the build menu under Alt+s. To create one, you first need to order a blank slab at a stoneworker's workshop (a, Alt+s), then order an engraver to make the unengraved slab into a memorial at a stoneworker's workshop (a, Alt+s). When placing the memorial (listed under 'slab' in the build menu), hitting 'x' on the materials menu will expand the list and let you pick which specific memorial you want. Once engraved, they can be built as an alternative to coffins - failure to memorialize or entomb a deceased dwarf may lead to unexpected consequences. If you're having trouble finding which slab you want to place, use x to expand the list and find named or blank slabs.

You can create a memorial hall from a memorial's query menu. Memorial halls appear to serve as additional meeting halls: free dwarves will congregate in the area and receive happy thoughts from the decorations.

Oddly, it is also possible to engrave memorials to invaders, forgotten beasts, and even merchant wagons (not just the merchants, but the wagon itself!). This can be used to create trophy halls full of goblin skeletons and weapons, or to memorialize a deceased warrior's kill list inside of his tomb.

Memorials work inconsistently for merchants' escorts--some deceased caravan guards are not included in the list of potential memorial subjects. This behavior is presumably a bug, but you can avoid problems by placing dead caravan guards into coffins whenever possible.

A collapsed memorial in London.

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