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Strangething has been ecstatic lately. He slept in a fine bed recently. He spoke with a friend lately. He has complained of a lack of chairs. He was unhappy with the lack of work last season.

He is a worshiper of Toady One the Great.

Strangething likes bituminous coal, iron, rose quartz, the color blue, and dwarves for their amusing deaths. When possible, he prefers to consume peanut butter, rice, and margaritas. He absolutely detests bad spelling and grammar.

He is rarely happy or enthusiastic. He finds rules confining. He is eager for new experiences. He has a fertile imagination. He is entranced by riddles and puzzles, and loves to debate issues and ideas. He is occasionally given to procrastination. He very rarely does more work than necessary. He needs sugar to get though the working day. He does not mind being outdoors, at least for a time.




Useful Characters[edit]

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Γ - the weight symbol







Strangething's Guides[edit]

well guide

controls guide

tower guide, advanced construction

defense guide

experience guide




dwarf control


trading guide

site guide, skill guide, equipment guide

challenge build

Favorite Pages[edit]

D for Dwarf[edit]

Department of Dwarven Veteran's Affairs, DDVA, watery menace, (carp), one-horned doom (unicorn), unfortunate accident, dwarven psychotherapy, hidden fun stuff, blue gold, Urist, cat farm, cannibal hippies (elf, elves), pants bashing, suicide booth, dwarfbuck, dwarfmeter, dwarfgram dwarven department of weights and measures, goblin christmas

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Template:D for Dwarf, Category:D for Dwarf

stupid dwarf tricks[edit]

reservoir, swimming pool, indoor waterfall, death chamber, magma pumps, booze bombs, tower-cap farm, greenhouse, pump stack, meeting hall


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build, designate, designation, stockpile, activity zone, pit, garbage dump, dump, squad control, view squad

announcements, alerts, stocks, unit list, job list, orders and options, nobles, room list, hotkey, artifacts, military, civilizations,

z-axis, z-level

forbid, reclaim, melt, dump

construction, construct


good, evil, alignment surroundings, savage, calm

defense, fortress defense, moat, walls, fortification, bridge, door, hatch, siege, ambush, thief, snatcher, prisoner, siege engine, trap, trap component

skills, experience, train


profile, thoughts, personality, preferences,

wounds, injury

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