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This article is about the current version of DF.

Sewers are underground networks of tunnels found below a town's roads. They are distinct from dungeons (whose entrance is under the town's keep) and catacombs (whose entrance is under its temple), although they occasionally have connections with either. As expected from their real-life counterparts, they tend to be connected to the town's nearby river. They are not completely flooded though, making exploration possible.

Entrance to sewers are spread alongside main roads and buildings. They are shown on the local travel map as Sewer entrance in the building list. A grate usually indicates the presence of an entrance, which is really just a downward ramp or stair found nearby.

Sewers often have residents such as animal people; some of them may be amphibious and live underwater. Because sewers may connect with dungeons and catacombs, bosses and their organization are sometimes also found there. Proceed with caution and be careful not to dodge into the water without at least Adequate swimming skill, lest the fall stun you and make you drown.

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Dwarven: othsal
Elvish: caretha
Goblin: oxxo
Human: fubag
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