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This article is about the current version of DF.
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Experiments are procedurally-generated night creatures, "created" by necromancers or certain goblin leaders who experiment on captured citizens and livestock. The experiments are not born as such, but are turned by the experimenter. There are failed experiments and successful experiments. The latter come in many forms, depending on the source material. Every experimenter may create up to four "species" of experiment: one humanoid, one small quadruped+, one large quadruped+, and one giant amalgamation. The giant amalgamation is created from multiple creatures, instead of just one, and is, as its name suggests, very large. Failed experiments may come in the form of blobs.

Experiments sometimes escape into the wild, and intelligent ones can rejoin civilization. In these cases, they may become a playable race option in adventurer mode.

Unlike other night creatures, experiments are represented by regular alphabet letters. Upper/lower case indicates size. Intelligent successful experiments are colored red, while failed creations and any others (quadrupeds, amalgamations etc.) are colored green.

Experiments can sometimes secrete extracts, similar to titans and forgotten beasts.