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This is a bug fix and optimization release, which is probably something we should get used to for a while, since there is a lot left to do! I've tried to make it possible to play in larger worlds again, but there's also more that can be done.
—Toady One, July 27, 2014

[edit] Major bug fixes

  • Fixed several large slow-down culprits
  • Stopped trees from growing through floors
  • Fixed a problem causing the suspension of constructions (old saves with affected jobs will still need to restart them) (ag)
  • Fixed a few problems with hospital code causing them to overstock item (ag)
  • Fixed problem stopping underground fishing (UristDaVinci/Quietust)
  • Made cultures that oppose intruders more lax when in places controlled by less wary groups (one cause of marketplace knifefights)
  • Made adventure-mode ambushers somewhat more in tune with their task
  • Made master soldiers stop reverting back to corresponding regular soldier type
  • Fixed crash that could occur when looking at adventure log while traveling

[edit] Other bug fixes/tweaks

  • Stopped clearing professions upon achieving master soldier type
  • Fixed the population cap
  • Made it possible to detect plantings too late in the season again (Quietust)
  • Stopped migrants from retaining certain adv/etc. flags harmful to their integration into the fort (making them 'hostile') Note: those from old saves might take off articles of clothing and store them and other strange things, since the integration could not be made complete easily...
  • Fixed problem with non-entity armies/travelers failing to evaluate nearby creatures properly
  • Tried to improve prioritization for creatures trying to handle many targets, especially w/ extra senses (caused combat AI paralysis)
  • Stopped fliers from wanting to jump (and sometimes colliding mid-air)
  • Added some basic climbing skill to wg/etc. soldiers, esp. thieves
  • Vermin can escape from non-artifact containers properly (Quietust)
  • Caravans check weapon type properly for material selection (Quietust)
  • Diplomats that wanted bodyguards should get them now (Quietust)
  • Stopped aquarium check from turning off other vermin code (Quietust)
  • Fixed crash that happened in the arena when doing v-p on a dwarf with a weapon
  • Creature art value considered properly by civs now (Quietust)
  • Fixed problem dividing out item milligrams in weapon velocities (UristDaVinci)
  • Can now melt metal chests (Quietust)
  • Handled a few problems causing extra/erroneous long patrol thoughts (Quietust)
  • Made children get full list of default labors upon growing up and respected any existing skills
  • Stopped migrant historical children from receiving labors
  • Made underground populations properly respect layer size (the numbers can get very high, but blame the giant under-ocean caves in part)
  • Stopped hyper-obese digesting dwarves from constantly recalculating insulation/mass data (ag)
  • Fixed some problems causing certain jobs to check too many items (angavrilov/Quietust)
  • Allowed egg-laying critters without baby/child state to have viable eggs
  • Stopped listing dead non-fort animals/etc. as missing
  • Fixed a rounding error with projectile calculations (Pirate Bob/UristDaVinci)
  • Adjusted contact area/depth of ammo, max velocity of shooters (Joben)
  • Fixed a problem causing saplings to grow up 10x as fast as they should
  • Stopped sparring from being placed in combat reports
  • Displayed proper key for viewing agreements in civ screen
  • Stopped dwarves from swiping hospital goods from the caravan
  • Made the game respect more circumstances whereby medical inventory items are removed (fixing the crutch speed bug, for instance)
  • Stopped ghosts from being able to realize dreams after they are dead
  • Fixed problem where tools made from adamantine wafers required the wrong material amounts (Quietust)
  • Fixed problem with seed initialization for mid-level maps that could cause inconsistency (Quietust)
  • Fixed broken lack of cage/chain thought for law dwarf (Quietust)
  • Adjustments to animal people frequencies (see file_changes.txt)
  • Made king cobra people legless like other snake people
  • Fixed a problem causing the tortoises not to appear
  • Made random creature spines connect up properly
  • Fixed material values for obsidian (UristDaVinci)
  • Various typos fixed (see file_changes.txt) (thanks to Gorobay for finding most of these)
  • Re-added elven diplomacy, though it is still unchanged from its first incarnation
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