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Here's another release with bug fixes and small changes to brighten your day.
—Toady One, November 5, 2014

[edit] Major bug fixes

  • Made growing trees update cave-in and light information properly
  • Handled stress counter timing properly in adv mode
  • Stopped nerve check from bypassing broken parts between thought center and body roots
  • Stopped part from being pulped if inner nervous tissue is not detached
  • Made pulped parts bleed properly
  • Stopped crash from trying to place unit in proper connected component of crowded retired fort
  • Fixed reversed inside/outside check for outdoor refuse hauling

[edit] Other bug fixes/tweaks

  • Animals that can escape from cages no longer brought by traders
  • Made reactions try to guess how their containers will be filled to stop problems with brewing large stacks etc.
  • Small coin stacks can no longer be stuffed into non-containers
  • Small coin stacks no longer pass through opponents
  • Stopped tantrum dwarves from checking burrows for fistfights
  • Changed tantrum action frequency
  • Being in an owned site makes bogeyman not an issue
  • Made ballista arrow heads and ballista arrows have edges
  • Added ability to trade everything in the depot from either column
  • Made column widths even in trade view and abbreviated strings differently
  • Added select visible and select category to bring-to-depot menu
  • Added totems to crafts tab of bring-to-depot screen
  • Added a few categories to the kitchen menu
  • Alphabetized stone and kitchen menus
  • Added magma-safe indicator to stone menu
  • Made encrust jobs respect furniture tools
  • Cannot go into specific encrust menus if selected gem not available for encrust
  • Dead dwarves removed from burrow count
  • Made toggle button update properly when moving unit labor view to non-laborer
  • Fixed a problem causing the right edge of the embark world map to disappear, including the cursor
  • Fixed location of cursor in minimap for resized windows
  • Made DOES_NOT_EXIST exclude creatures from certain lists properly
  • Stopped stress reactions from being applied to unintelligent critters
  • Stopped stress reactions of hidden creatures from being announced
  • Fixed many typos (Gorobay)
  • Updated description for pulping so it doesn't say "bruised" etc.
  • Fixed broken artifact thought text
  • Stopped immortality goal from having a broken display in thoughts
  • Properly recognized multiple embark minecarts of the same material
  • Slowed down tantrum/mood/etc. indicators
  • Stopped zombies from interrupting your sleep to ask if they can help you with something
  • Increased default embark points to compensate for more default equipment (stepladder etc.)
  • Allowed deletion of first uniform
  • Stopped crafts brought by traders from satisfying craft mandates
  • Made weather init option clear up weather properly instead of just turning off the global simulation
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