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Here is another round of fixes. Note that for morale fixes in old saves there could be some persistent alarm data that causes people to continue to run for a bit, even for a few in-game hours in some cases, so you might need to let things work themselves out.
—Toady One, August 24, 2014

[edit] Major bug fixes

  • Fixed crash that could happen when refugee rumors were created
  • Fixed crash from visiting former player fortress with adventurer if certain army is present
  • Fixed crash related to surgery
  • Fixed crash that happened when it considered certain units in play for succession
  • Stopped a conversation crash from talking to mute creatures about their troubles
  • Allowed flying/climbing wilderness critters to work their way off the map
  • Fixed problem allow the player to become invisible among many units even when clearly visible
  • Made running away in terror/fear respect only valid combat location information
  • Made genuine retreat and alarm state more separate from each other (being alarmed was being equated with flight for morale)
  • Stopped certain old conflicts from causing alarm
  • Made people that are attacked briefly have some knowledge of attacker's position
  • Stopped certain jobs from being able to teleport items and engage in other action-at-a-distance antics
  • Stopped necromancer towers from doing various inappropriate townish things that lead to tower proliferation etc.
  • Fixed some reclaim/unretire bugs involving unavailable seeds
  • Adjusted projectile firing speed which became broken during wagon fix

[edit] Other bug fixes/tweaks

  • Adjusted emotional strain vs. willpower etc. calculation
  • Made non-extra-sensory creatures also respect z coord of potential targets
  • Fixed a pathing lag associated to mood dwarves not being able to get to their buildings
  • Added stockpile option for cut stones
  • Removed obsolete relieved/drafted thoughts
  • Made extra-sensory creatures even less perturbable by critters sensed through layers of rock
  • Stopped erroneous conflicts between certain hunting creatures
  • Stopped shared/wrestled items from being used for block/parry
  • Stopped creatures with multiple attacks like hydra from stacking attack modifiers incorrectly
  • Made attacker always look at target upon initiating attack
  • Ordered farm plot plant lists by seed availability/name
  • Lowered cap for wrestle skill gain so it wouldn't be hit triple digits attacking large opponents
  • Removed double entry of "slabs" from stocks screen
  • Adjusted 'v' menu location for window height (so it wouldn't overwrite certain lists, etc.)
  • Fixed a few typos causing double periods in personality paragraphs
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