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Dwarf Fortress was released on October 21, 2006. There is no download link for this version, as it was replaced with version later that day.

I fixed a lot of bugs; see the dev list.

The main change for this version was the rewrite of the inventory system. There will probably be several compat. issues, as well as various horrible bugs. I've tested and fixed what I've found, but you'll find more. **Back up your old saves before trying this version** The old saves will work with this version, but you need to be careful with them.

Those that deserve fingers and toes have them in this version. You'll also notice right/left gloves. Creatures lose items now with severs, so you'll lose your left gauntlet if your left arm is removed, for instance.

Creatures are a bit silly about wear they put on rings and other trinkets. Rings will probably pile up on the right thumb for instance, and earrings will pile up in the right ear. Armor stands will also only store one glove and one boot for the time being. This will be sorted out over time.

There aren't any temperature effects despite the residents wearing clothing depending on the average temperature. This will also be handled later.

Finally, there aren't any gender links to clothing right now, so you might see male dwarves in "dresses" and "skirts". Keep in mind that men all over the world wear clothing like this, and that's what is meant by these generic terms. You can remove the items from the entity raw before you play if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • added a material placeholder string for armor to distinguish generic leather armor from other armor
  • made towns use local materials
  • changed shirt and cloaks to armor types
  • added fingers and toes
  • added some extra text for ambiguous body parts
  • reworked inventories
  • added mouths
  • changed how latching on works
  • separated gloves/shoes
  • added left and right gloves
  • added left-handed copies of items to old saves
  • added inventory support for the new items and a wider range of bodies
  • added some new clothing items
  • allowed pants items to block less than the whole leg
  • allowed shoe/glove items to have variable lengths up the limb
  • homogenized the material tokens in the item raws
  • added layering properties to the item raws
  • added inventory layering
  • made civs choose their clothing types
  • made people use the item types associated to their civ in layers
  • made people layer based on local temperature
  • added rarity to clothings within entity definitions
  • added clothing and waterskin sales in town

Crash fixes[edit]

  • fixed crash bug related to price changes involving flour/leaf/drink prefs
  • fixed crash bug from pressing enter on empty inventories
  • fixed save/load/save/load crash in adventure mode

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed value of skull totems
  • stopped bridging of fortifications
  • fixed problem with starting clothing being unwearable
  • fixed bug that stopped leather armor from being equipped
  • stopped locked/mechanism doors from blocking map square after their destruction
  • fixed a problem with mechanism doors not blocking off the map properly
  • fixed spacing problem with leggings and armor in the setup screen
  • stopped nobles from mandating unbuildable weapons and other items
  • fixed another problem with price scrolling
  • fixed a problem where unit types that died would come back as nobles
  • fixed a problem that caused diplomats and guild members to go crazy immediately when there were meeting problems
  • fixed a problem that was stopping cave river overflows
  • changed how world generation handles inventories
  • fixed another problem with unreasonable mandate items
  • fixed some problems with how body construction is handled
  • fixed problem with leather deficient races and clothing
  • cleaned up various problems with the new system
  • made severs cause inventory drops