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Dwarf Fortress was released on December 21, 2006.

A bug fix release along with a test-change for the FPS toggling.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • allowed more customization of stuck-in chance and stopped whips from sticking in wounds
  • allowed gender-specific creature names
  • allowed automated shops to place jobs if jobs of another type are in the shop
  • added standing orders to shut off automation
  • added an exotic clothing store
  • made building construction jobs suspend after most cancellations
  • added suspension of ill-conceived lever link jobs
  • made the minimap show ice instead of water when relevant
  • separated wood burning from smelting

Crash fixes[edit]

  • fixed crash bug associated to spreading magma flows

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed problem where buildings like farms and channels would turn into rectangles on reclaim
  • made it remove blood/mud when a bridge is destroyed over terrain that won't support them
  • stopped channel parents from appearing in look mode
  • allowed furnaces to clutter
  • stopped nobles from keeping their non-burial rooms after death
  • separated out some LOS code and made natural floods blocked by raised bridges and windows
  • stopped ITEMCORPSE items from being placed in traps
  • fixed coloring of unloaded cage/stone traps that couldn't find cages/stones
  • stopped roads from converting ground into dirt until they are well underway
  • stopped dwarves from owning untoward objects
  • stopped clothing stores from stocking unwearable items
  • made dwarves drop stuck-ins if they aren't under attack
  • made adventure mode creatures pull out stuck-ins
  • handled some item articles differently
  • fixed problem where the adventure mode rivers didn't animate
  • fixed problem that caused overlapping farmplots to spoil harvesting
  • stopped empty trap message spam from catching live fish
  • handled trap and siege weapon loading spam
  • stopped pond/aquarium related spam
  • stopped chained units from storing hauled items
  • stopped vermin hunting dwarves from choosing inaccessible locations
  • fixed some pathing issues with milling
  • stopped eaters and drinkers from continuing to locations that have become inaccessible
  • fixed a display problem with certain guard names
  • fixed capitalization problem with nicknames
  • stopped quivers and backpacks from being sized according to creatures
  • sized equipment of monster races appropriately
  • restricted seedless plants from default start equipment
  • stopped liaison from bringing seeds from seedless plants
  • stopped butchery of milkable small animals
  • stopped witness death thought for intelligent creatures watching unintelligent creatures
  • made the corpses of small animals that die out of water stop teleporting
  • criminalized eating food from shop tables
  • stopped retirement in towns where adventurer is hated
  • removed dead/insane units from workshop profiles
  • made units drop stuffed items if the clothing holder is no longer worn
  • stopped non-transparent waterskins/flasks from being colored by contents
  • changed the FPS toggling code