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Dwarf Fortress was released on December 10, 2006. There is no download link for this version, as it was replaced with version a few days layer.

I'm partly through the temperature rewrite. This release has a lot of bug potential. You should back up your save folders if you are updating from an older version.

You can set fire to shrubs as an adventurer using the [g] command when you are standing near one. This is not a permanent command.

The temperature behavior of flows has not been implemented yet. Very hot/cold creatures do not change the air temperature yet either. There are a number of features that are in progress regarding temperature.

The problem with dwarves being stuck outside during the stay-inside order should be fixed, as well as a number of other bugs. You can now move the cursor quickly by using shift + direction.

-- Toady One

New stuff[edit]

  • added specific temperature information to the map/units/items/vegetation
  • added temperature transfer between the environment and creatures
  • added more temperature information to the raws
  • added temperature transfer between the environment and ground items
  • did heat and cold damage to creatures
  • added homeothermy
  • added insulation effects from clothing
  • added temperature transfer between the environment and vegetation
  • added fast movement with shift + cursor
  • started on fire
  • damaged and killed burning vegetation
  • added the spread of fire along the grass
  • added more temperature interactions with the environment
  • added display for burning units, buildings and items
  • added burning damage for creature on fire
  • added an FPS counter
  • allowed fixed temperature objects
  • made dwarves stay inside if the temperature is extreme
  • restricted wilderness creatures and plants from appearing in unhealthy temperature areas
  • added heat and cold damage to vegetation
  • extended the class of objects that can be damaged
  • made mount/monster/pack animal etc choice respect temperature of target site
  • made invaders and merchants choose their clothing based on local temperatures
  • made historical figure change their starting outfits based on their destinations
  • made the adventure mode temperature read out depend on the creature
  • gave the adventurer a temporary ability to set fire to vegetation


  • cleaned up some of the code and optimized unit offloading
  • got rid of some dwarf-specific text
  • optimized the weather routine a bit
  • optimized flows a bit

Crash fixes[edit]

  • fixed a crash bug involving pile takes and bins

Other bug fixes[edit]

  • fixed a problem that cause dwarves to get trapped outside by the stay inside order
  • made rotting fish stacks drop bones and shells according to their amount
  • fixed a problem that stopped shields from absorbing damage passively
  • fixed a problem that stopped the manager from ordering silver weapons and adamantine crafts
  • fixed a problem with the kidnappers that made them place multiple copies of children in bags and stop walking occasionally
  • fixed problem that caused a cage-death upon kidnapping resulting in dead baby bodies at kidnap spots
  • stopped chained prisoners from looking too far for sleeping places
  • made sleep/drink jobs handle lost focus points
  • fixed problem with forbidden areas and job pathing
  • fixed problem that caused reject numbers to disappear during world generation
  • fixed a minor inconsistency with the weapon number for wrestlers
  • fixed a problem with purchased mules being given storage jobs
  • modified how temperature checks are handled
  • fixed a problem where undead sites were not flagged as undead under their civilizations
  • fixed a problem that caused professions to list more than once in the labor list
  • changed process plants to vial to a farmer (workshop) job
  • fixed problem with offerings allowing caravans to go over their weight limit if trade goods were selected
  • handled some temperature initialization info
  • fixed some temperature inconsistencies that would cause rain to melt glaciers
  • made some of the fire raw information more specific
  • fixed problem that cause human trade events to be misinterpreted by histories
  • added missing cheeses/extracts and ballista arrow heads to stockpiles
  • fixed a problem where fortresses after the first would use inappropriate wilderness data