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Another bug fix release.
—Toady One, August 3, 2014

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a problem causing certain jobs to become stuck when their paths were interrupted
  • Stopped dwarves from starting conflicts with led creatures
  • Stopped led creatures from wandering away from leader
  • Made buildings with burrows require a connectivity check when searching for items
  • Made dwarves forbid webs that are "accessible" but require pathing through unexplored areas
  • Reduced number of automation jobs created
  • Made some jobs respect fish/vermin amount when producing products
  • Make potash from lye respects lye stacks
  • Made jobs requiring several e.g. bones not need many individual stacks
  • Made thread spinning job not use up all of a stack of wool
  • Stopped decoration job from consuming entire stacks
  • Stopping using entire stack of meat to bait animal trap
  • Stopped reactions from consuming way too many raw materials from stacks (ag), though reactions that use very small amounts still use at least 1 item from a stack
  • Stopped mining of root from removing the tree

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Stopped announcement of theft of hidden reclaimed underground objects
  • Stopped birth announcements for hidden creatures and separated wild/tame animal birth announcements
  • Stopped hidden/forbidden buildings from being listed in lever link menu
  • Stopped hidden/forbidden buildings from appearing in room list
  • Stopped hidden items from appearing in military equipment lists
  • Made trees update indoor/etc. settings properly upon removal
  • Made building/stockpile menus to respect different window heights
  • Made hunger/thirst/etc. indicators display properly in travel
  • Made vision arc display turn off for blinded creatures
  • Made scarred over wounds to broken functional layers continue to impair function
  • Removed requirement that a creature have a baby/child state to breed
  • Fixed plant growth consumption preferences (Quietust)
  • Fixed display of tree roots designated for mining
  • Fixed reversed display of zone sizing controls
  • Made random creatures only spit liquid spittle
  • Fixed state token for mud creature tissues (Quietust)
  • Stopped traders from bringing unspecified "liquid" from bloodsucking animals (Quietust)
  • Fixed problem causing multiple plant listings in stockpile
  • Made jobs properly cut away pieces of corpses for use (so that reanimation etc. respects partial use)
  • Made reactions count up and trim away body component materials properly
  • Added wound description for partially butchered parts
  • Made globs stackable
  • Fixed unretire message on linux/osx
  • Stopped dwarven forges in world gen sites from using thrones instead of anvils
  • Fixed message for being caught in a cloud of vapor/dust (Quietust)
  • Removed special materials from dwarf prefs
  • Clarified generated items in stockpiles (can't remove yet)
  • Fixed adjectives for randomly generated blowdarts/bolts (old saves still broken)
  • Made burrow indicator show over hidden areas
  • Fixed broken language selection for certain names
  • Can copy basic item type/subtype with reagent using GET_ITEM_DATA_FROM_REAGENT:reagent token:NONE