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Here is the first release for September! As usual, a few bugs like sleep screwups, cowardly companions and wandering children might persist for a while into old saves until the system clears itself out.
—Toady One, September 3, 2014

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Accounted for site populations properly when moving around (stopping doubling in lairs/player forts)
  • Removed the old animal people camp items, as they cause duplication errors and will work with a better overall army framework later
  • Handle some more instances where led creatures could drag their leader into conflicts (a dwarf caging a goblin, for example)
  • Made historical figures react properly to historical undead
  • Made chained animal checks respect z coordinate properly
  • Gave your companions a bit of a courage boost in terms of intervening in conflicts
  • Fixed some problem with resource stockpiles causing shop types to revert on insurrection

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Made dwarf children not seek their mothers when idle, especially in violation of area restrictions
  • Made dwarves prefer claimable rooms to dormitory master beds
  • Stopped uninjured dwarves from sleeping in beds in active hospital zones
  • Tried to make items in markets/homes match races more closely (cannot be completed until later -- right now, resources are based on original site owners)
  • Stopped brief necro master-apprentice relationships from forming in towns
  • Stopped other necro tower townish behavior like fake grazing disputes
  • Made sleeping on the floor respect burrow assignments
  • Made strength/agility/tissue layer effects work for gaits (Quietust)
  • Stopped overuse of plant structure tag causing people to say they preferred to eat trees
  • Fixed other issues causing dwarves to be able to prefer the wrong (generated) materials
  • Stopped adventure skill list from overflowing on status screen
  • Discounted rust when listing relevant skill for squad candidate
  • Stopped evaporation of 1/7 liquid when over 7/7 liquid of the same kind
  • Made flying adventurer able to fly over ramps without using them
  • Fixed missing bindings for animal training keys (Quietust)
  • Adjusted firing rate for projectiles again to make them more like the older versions
  • Made adamantine clothing available in arena