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The cleaning continues with this release!
—Toady One, August 17, 2014

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed problem causing domestic underground animals to be placed beyond their number (and then replaced at that new number)
  • Made people not so eager to jump in on the side of their relatives and friends if the relative/friend is berserk/etc.
  • Made creatures prefer to flee normally if possible (rather than jumping off cliffs etc.)
  • Stopped liquid flows in confined spaces from sometimes making items disappear
  • Made items that froze in ice reappear properly when ice melts
  • Allowed dwarves interested in marriage to start relationships properly (Quietust)
  • Removed some vestigial code stopping wagons from moving properly after move/attack speed split
  • Fixed a wagon AI error that caused them to fail to unload sometimes
  • Gave wagons the ability to go past each other in certain instances
  • Made invaders not come back as ghosts
  • Stopped non-historical dwarves from coming back as ghosts (put in fix for old saves that should lay them to rest soon after unpause)
  • Stopped ghosts from being considered in regular sight code
  • Fixed the defend burrow order
  • Allowed items made from gem materials (including large gems) to be stored in finished goods pile
  • Fixed broken logic that made trade good hauling require both trade good hauling and lever operation labors

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Fixed up quarry bush bag job vs. rock nuts
  • Added appropriate announcements for some additional circumstances under which a fort dwarf could assume a civ-level position
  • Added embark warning if civ is dead
  • Added optional confirmation window after preparing embark (default: pops up if points remain)
  • Printed job after name when following unit
  • Marked dwarves as "New Arrival" on unit/job screen instead of "No Job" while they are new
  • Added pole-setting parameters for world gen, allowed north+south pole and no-pole options
  • Fixed an error causing nearby site maps to be offloaded too often
  • Made hill dwarf sites put animals in pastures properly
  • Made animals not placed in pasture/waste/yard get placed even if their preferred type isn't available
  • Fixed some manual typos (Gorobay)
  • Initialized strict pop cap to 220 if not present in d_init
  • Made alerts without names show properly as "Alert State #" in squad mode
  • Finished updating pineapple raws
  • Made several export filenames use the format (region)-YYYYY-MM-DD-(etc)
  • Added error for unrecognized CREATURE in entity raw