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This is the first bug-fix release, focusing on newly introduced problems. Most notably, world gen crashes should happen less often, having babies should cause less trouble, and some adventure mode problems with quests and mounts should be fixed. We'll continue on with this process, working in some older bugs for next time as well.
—Toady One, February 6, 2020

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed crash from starting in adventure mode as an outsider
  • Fixed world gen crash involving civs attacking ruins that still had livestock
  • Fixed world gen crash involving criminals and arrest
  • Fixed crash from certain description strings
  • Fixed crash involving stressed out wilderness creatures wanting to complain to priests
  • Stopped carried newborns from setting their mothers' paths like riders
  • Stopped flying mount from taking control when it is airborne
  • Fixed broken hearthperson links for adventurers
  • Made animals follow the follow command instead of waiting forever
  • Fixed issues with mount movement after fast travel

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Made undead riled up by dwarf raids as with normal civs
  • Starting dwarves pulled from underground cultures no longer start with cave adaptation
  • Stopped non-dwarves from doing w.g. underworld disasters
  • Increased werebeast triggers further to match semi-megabeasts
  • Took quantity into consideration in chargen equipment value
  • Fixed item quality interaction effect range setting
  • Fixed masterpiece quality error in chargen equipment value
  • Allowed legless animal people to pet animals
  • Stopped pets from dropping all packed luggage when they attack
  • Stopped some cases of animals being called recruits after travelling
  • Fixed broken scroll/expand commands in adventurer intrigue log
  • Stopped chargen beliefs from persisting incorrectly when certain options are selected
  • Fixed villain network export from legends (only works for living - no snapshots)
  • Changed Create New World civ number distribution (new numbers suggested by Talvieno)
  • Changed human 'fortress' to 'castle' to avoid confusing with dwarf fortresses
  • Fixed inconsistency in kill name changes
  • Fixed interrogator/conspirator xml
  • Fixed some busted world gen param newlines