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This release has some more bug fixes in it, mostly related to healthcare, prisoners and morale.
—Toady One, September 10, 2014

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Made dwarves that fall unconscious while going to rest or sleep location not get stuck on the spot
  • Fixed symptoms of wrestling error that could cause dwarves to freeze in place forever
  • Stopped civs from sending a squad when they failed to find thieves/snatchers to send (led to small sieges in the first year)
  • Allowed recover wounded jobs to bring dwarves to hospital floor if no beds are available
  • Stopped recover wounded jobs from bringing dwarves to non-hospital beds
  • Made caged/chained people request water/food with proper frequency

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Made doctors remove dwarves from traction properly (checks weekly)
  • Made dwarves move/get moved to new hospital more quickly if old hospital is removed
  • Roots function as ramp walls properly now
  • Can cross ramps covered by bridges in adventure mode
  • Made critters that join up with your adventurer stop traveling if they were on a journey
  • Made critters with entity-based army duties unwilling to join adventurers
  • Stopped critters joined with you from considering moving, joining armies and other issues
  • Added ability to repeat, suspend and cancel jobs from unit/job lists
  • Made civ-level nobles attached to locations (e.g. barons) include their site in their name when possible
  • Made dwarves that have been grabbed for chaining/etc. cancel their jobs properly
  • Stopped certain events (like giving birth, resting or getting an artifact mood) from causing a working dwarf to suspend jobs for the whole fort
  • Stopped chained mothers from seeking wandering infants
  • Changed name of chaining/other jobs to include target instead of saying "animal" for everybody
  • Made certain creatures like minotaurs act less civilized (requires LARGE_PREDATOR in raws)
  • Stopped alarm moods from persisting long beyond event itself
  • Made non-soldier adventure companions not default to flight (this could include giant demons, etc.)
  • Stopped companions with stranger-kill ethics from starting no-quarter fights with strangers the party meets
  • Made stranger-kill creatures respect their own prisoners/etc.
  • Stopped adventure mode critters from persisting on outmoded paths when destination has changed
  • Made sure dipscripts were loaded in the same order on different platforms (Quietust)
  • Trading a worthless item for a non-worthless item no longer results in you initiating a robbery
  • Wooden chests brought by elven traders are grown now
  • Seeds that should be edible raw in adv mode are now edible