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This release fixes some more bugs, old and new.
—Toady One, September 17, 2014

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed item storage crash related to minecart being destroyed
  • Stopped dwarves from trying to clean their own missing or internal body parts
  • Cleared old activities properly so they aren't considered by dwarves for too long

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Decreased frequency of conversation-skill-building dwarf chats
  • Reworked grazing formula, used fractional exponent to scale properly according to size
  • Made grazing tile selection less top-left biased and made it prefer non-creature'd tiles with denser grass
  • Made butcher jobs for corpses not in piles respect z coordinate of building (Quietust)
  • Handled some issues with subterranean areas being removed through trees
  • Made workshop profile skill checks ignore skill rust
  • Fixed problem with siege operator skill check (Quietust)
  • Stopped a lever linking job from being added if it is already in progress
  • Stopped fort dwarves from throwing their clothes off into a pile during unretire after being visited by adventurer
  • Stopped fort animals from getting clothing during unretire after being visited by adventurer
  • Stopped animals with kills from getting trinkets from corpses
  • Stopped animals from growing attached to and bestowing names on items in their possession
  • Stopped embark screen from setting neighbors with regular sites that happen to have zombies (due to another bug)
  • Made "place item in tomb" job governed by burial instead of item hauling labor
  • Made outside refuse order respect inside/outside instead of above ground/subterranean
  • Stopped inside above ground corpses/corpse pieces from being destroyed periodically
  • Stopped evaporation of inside above ground water from depending on the weather
  • Stopped water items on the ground from being cleanable -- they evaporate instead
  • Made water spatter evaporate properly over time
  • Sped up extrasensory detection
  • Sped up tracking of food consumption
  • Re-enabled effects of cave adaptation