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Enjoy another set of bug fixes!
—Toady One, August 10, 2014

Major bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed crash that involved promoting certain stops above their route
  • Removed some stale invasion data preventing further invasions
  • Stopped dwarves from breeding like animals, technically speaking
  • Made diplomats search for civ-level land-holders properly
  • Fixed some path buffering problems that could screw up neighbor list etc.
  • Fixed a few problems with undead AI
  • Stopped sleeping/incapacitated dwarves from doing things
  • Fixed problem with squad leader assignment in military screen
  • Made sparring people use their weapons properly
  • Made unretired forts unhide fully, flowing from surface and all units

Other bug fixes/tweaks[edit]

  • Made masterpiece announcements wait for all item info to be decided before trying to print item name
  • Eliminated an OSX key conflict for text deletion
  • Made install colony jobs respect each other's targets
  • Made install colony jobs react to missing hive at gather destination
  • Added another adjustment to designation jobs to help them vs. paths that became bad
  • Required animal hauling labor for various jobs
  • Added new labors for hauling trade goods, pulling levers, removing constructions and hauling water
  • Attached trap cleaning to clean labor
  • Made laborless building construct/destroy jobs take furniture hauling
  • Allowed burrows to restrict workshop item search or not (default off)
  • Added assigned citizen number to burrow list
  • Stopped paralyzed injured dwarves from spamming rest cancellation messages
  • Stopped some CPU-intensive temperature wobble (ag)
  • Cleaned up the creature pressure plate interface
  • Made paved roads only need as much material as required by the road tiles (rather than the whole rectangle)
  • Made translated name appear properly at the top of the screen when viewing creature
  • Stopped dwarves from liking special items
  • Fixed a problem with unnamed historical figure statue/figurine item names and descriptions
  • Fixed color display problem in civ list
  • Gave not-you civs range of 30 path-wise for neighbor status on embark (towers still 10)
  • Allowed use of number in burrow names without moving cursor
  • SDL string question mark should no longer enter as a pipe, and pipe should be enterable
  • Respected question mark entry in several places