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Royal jelly

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Royal jelly is a product of the beekeeping industry collected from an artificial bee hive. Royal jelly is stored in jugs, and can only be used as a liquid ingredient in prepared meals. Due to a bug, dwarves may store royal jelly jugs as finished goods; combined with a cook's aversion to liquid ingredients, it is very rare to see royal jelly cooked at all. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, since royal jelly is only available in single-unit stacks and has the same base value as most other foods.

The contents of a hive with a colony of honey bees that is toggled to "gather any products" will be harvested as part of the beekeeping industry. In order to collect the royal jelly, you must have a dwarf with the beekeeping labor active and empty jugs. A honeycomb will also be produced.

Royal jelly and honey are the edible products of bees. In real life, it is used as a nutritional substance for larvae.

Nutrition for larvae.


  • Jugs of royal jelly may be stored in bins as finished goods, preventing its use in the food industry.
  • Collecting royal jelly may require more than 1 jug in storage to begin.
  • Cooks will only cook jelly and other fluids as a last resort, instead preferring to cook solid foods with solid foods. Bug:2393 For more information, see the kitchen page.
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