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This article is about the current version of DF.

Gypsum plaster powder (or just plaster powder on some screens) is produced at a kiln or magma kiln from gypsum, alabaster, selenite, or satinspar (but not anhydrite) and an empty bag. The production of gypsum plaster powder requires the furnace operating skill. It is used in the production of plaster casts, an item used by bone doctors to immobilize the broken bones of injured dwarves, serving the same role as splints.

Bags of plaster powder are automatically stored in containers located in hospital zones, provided there is room.

At a kiln, if the option to produce it is unavailable despite meeting all requirements, the command "make plaster powder" in the manager menu should be used.

Gypsum plaster stockpiles[edit]

Gypsum plaster being applied to a wall.

No stockpile options exist for controlling the storage of gypsum plaster - although it is listed under the "Stone/Clay" material groups for Furniture, Blocks, and Finished Goods, these settings have no effect because such objects will never actually be made of gypsum plaster; gypsum plaster bags are always stockpiled in the "Furniture/Siege Ammo" category as "boxes and bags", as though they were empty.

If you only have a small amount of gypsum plaster (<15 bags), simply maximizing the amount of plaster stored in your main hospital to 15000 is a simple solution.

If you have a larger amount of gypsum plaster (15+ bags), you may make a dedicated stockpile containing only Gypsum plaster, by exploiting the hospital storage to force dwarves to move gypsum plaster to a particular location.

  1. Make a new activity zone (with i), a 3×3 square works well for a small stockpile.
  2. After placing the activity zone, inspect (i) and then specify it as a hospital (h)
  3. Set the hospital information (H)
  4. Use Shift + 4 to reduce the Thread, Cloth, Splints, Crutches, Buckets and Soap to 0.
  5. Use Shift + 6 to increase the Powder for casts to the maximum (15000).
  6. Place an empty container (either bag or chest) in the middle of the hospital area (with b h).
  7. Dwarves should now automatically move any available gypsum bags into the new hospital area. You can inspect the building contents with t to confirm the gypsum bags are placed inside the container. Oddly, a bag as a building can hold up to 11 bags of gypsum powder.
  8. Remove the container (using q x). The gypsum bags will explode out of the building in a 3x3 grid.
  9. Before the dwarves remove all the powder bags elsewhere, make a stockpile (using p) under the gypsum bags. Specify the stockpile as only allowing "Furniture/Siege Ammo". Remove all types except for "boxes and bags".
  10. You may remove the hospital area if desired (using i x X).