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Spider monkey man


Urist likes spider monkey men for their prehensile tails.


Spider monkey - Spider monkey man - Giant spider monkey

Alignment: Savage

· Learns · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 3,925 cm3
Mid: 19,625 cm3
Max: 39,250 cm3

Adult at: 3
Max age: 60-80
Cannot be butchered
This article is about the current version of DF.
A long-limbed person with the head and tail of a spider monkey.

Spider monkey men are an animal people variant of the rare spider monkey, living in tropical broadleaf forests, similarly to their precedents.

Like other savage animal people, spider monkey men may occasionally become historical figures or even join civilizations, becoming full-fledged citizens who may appear in your fortress as visitors or be playable in adventurer mode.

"Spider monkey man" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: sethal vankåb udos
Elvish: thepani rithé onino
Goblin: utes lam ngorûg
Human: azoc taksmo abo