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Alcohol barrel sprite.png

Alcohol is the favored drink of the dwarves; a dwarf will drink booze an average of five times per season to satisfy their thirst, and although they can subsist on water, without booze, they will work increasingly slowly. Dwarves like to have some variety in what they drink, and will garner a bad thought if they are forced to drink the same variety of drink repeatedly ("has been tired of drinking the same old booze lately"). Every dwarf likewise has preferences for various types of drinks. Thus alcohol is important both for maintaining your fortress (at a minimum) and (with some investment in variety) for keeping your dwarves happy.

Alcohol can also be used as an ingredient for prepared meals. However, meals made with alcohol no longer cause your dwarves to get drunk, and will not sate their thirst.


Where adults drink, and children play. No matter the age, alcohol is always important.
A booze stockpile at work. ASCII mode.

Most crops and fruit trees in the game can have their produce turned into drink, and, thus, most drink is sourced from dwarven farming, both indoors and out. Most of the plants gathered from the wild can also be used for brewing, but the reduced yields relative to farming makes it a less ideal solution, though the added variety of drinks can make it worthwhile. Drinks can be sourced at embarkation, and taking at least a few barrels with you is recommended to hold your initial dwarves over until you can build a still. Caravans always bring some drinks along as well, although not enough to support a reasonably large fortress. Finally, honey acquired through beekeeping can be brewed into alcoholic mead, the only form of drink that is not derived from plants or fruit.

The most direct way to acquire the booze itself is through a still; large fortresses will usually have one or more dedicated brewers keeping the dwarven drinks cellar well-stocked. To brew a drink, a brewer will need an empty watertight container of some kind (either a barrel or large pot) and a stack of brewables. Each brewing job produces five units of alcohol per brewable item, and deposits the alcohol in the container, recovering any plant seeds in the process. The size of a stack does not affect how long it takes to brew it, which is based entirely on the brewer's skill, making brewing jobs performed on large stacks much more efficient than those done on individual consumables. Stacks of alcohol do not have quality levels, and the strength of a happy thought obtained by drinking alcohol is based entirely on the value of the drink (including the stack size) and the dwarf's personal preferences.


Dwarven thirst is constrained by the important [ALCOHOL_DEPENDENT] creature token, which causes them to suffer severe performance penalties when deprived of alcohol. "Dry" dwarves increasingly lose walking speed and attack speed. Alcohol withdrawal appears in the dwarf's thoughts and preferences as "starting to work slowly due to its scarcity" after 3 months, "really wants a drink" after 6 months, "has gone without a drink for far, far too long" after 9 months, and finally "can't even remember the last time he/she had some" after an entire year. Precisely how much dwarves trudge their feet due to alcohol withdrawal is unknown.

Even with a well installed, dwarves going to drink will prioritize alcohol over water. Citizens and residents of other species will also choose alcoholic drinks if available, regardless of their alcohol dependency or immoderation.

All creatures can theoretically survive drinking nothing but alcohol for their entire lives, though they may be subject to alcohol poisoning due to not having the same tolerance level as dwarves. Neither dwarves nor any other race of creature will accept an alcohol ration if resting in a hospital, and must instead be given fresh water until they recover. Water may also be given to busy dwarves that become thirsty.Bug:2448

Vampire dwarves are just as alcohol-dependent as the mortal kind. Despite this, in fortress mode, they will only ever drink blood, ensuring they eventually suffer withdrawal, even if your pantry is stocked to the brim with every beverage imaginable. This does not stop tavern keepers from giving them drink, if such is available inside the tavern.

Despite popular belief, setting booze on fire will not cause it to explode, but exposing it to high temperatures will cause it to boil away. If the container is flammable, it (and, subsequently, the booze) will be consumed by fire; magma-safe containers would never be destroyed by magma, but any booze inside will likely quickly perish due to heat transfer (unless the container is made of nether-cap).

Alcohol, like all other liquids, does not have a quality modifier. The level of happy thought generated by drinking a preferred alcohol is dependent upon the value of the entire stack of alcohol.[1])

Dwarves prefer drinking alcohol out of a mug, cup, or goblet, and will receive an unhappy thought for drinking alcohol without one of these three vessel types, which may be placed in coffers in designated taverns. Visitors will drink alcohol too.

Alcohol poisoning[edit]

Over-consumption of alcohol can lead to harmful syndromes, progressing to inebriation, unconsciousness, and death. Each individual has their own tolerance level based on their size (with dwarves having 1.5× the resistance for their size) and each individual will consume more or less according to their need to drink. Mysterious deaths from suffocation in your taverns are most likely cases of acute alcohol poisoning. Note that the lethal effects of alcohol poisoning are caused by impairing the function of a creature's lungs, making creatures that lack lungs, or the need to breathe, immune to death from alcohol poisoning.

List of alcohol[edit]

Plump Helmets grow slowly, and dwarves reuse the seeds after consuming the wine.
Dwarven Ale.
Ingredient Beverage produced Beverage value Type Source
Plump helmet Dwarven wine 2 Plant-based Indoors
Pig tail Dwarven ale 2 Indoors
Cave wheat Dwarven beer 2 Indoors
Sweet pod Dwarven rum 2 Indoors
Muck root Swamp whiskey 1 Outdoors
Bloated tuber Tuber beer 2 Outdoors
Prickle berry Prickle berry wine 1 Outdoors
Longland grass Longland beer 2 Outdoors
Rat weed Sewer brew 1 Outdoors
Fisher berry Fisher berry wine 2 Outdoors
Rope reed River spirits 2 Outdoors
Sliver barb Gutter cruor 1 Outdoors
Sun berry Sunshine 5 Outdoors
Whip vine Whip wine 3 Outdoors
Beet Beetroot wine 2 Outdoors
Wild carrot Carrot wine 2 Outdoors
Cassava Cassava beer 2 Outdoors
Parsnip Parsnip wine 2 Outdoors
Potato Potato wine 2 Outdoors
Radish Radish wine 2 Outdoors
Sweet potato Sweet potato wine 2 Outdoors
Turnip Turnip wine 2 Outdoors
Single-grain wheat Single-grain wheat beer 2 Outdoors
Two-grain wheat Two-grain wheat beer 2 Outdoors
Soft wheat Soft wheat beer 2 Outdoors
Hard wheat Hard wheat beer 2 Outdoors
Spelt Spelt beer 2 Outdoors
Barley Barley wine 2 Outdoors
Buckwheat Buckwheat beer 2 Outdoors
Rye Rye beer 2 Outdoors
Sorghum Sorghum beer 2 Outdoors
Rice Rice beer 2 Outdoors
Maize Maize beer 2 Outdoors
Quinoa Quinoa beer 2 Outdoors
Kaniwa Kaniwa beer 2 Outdoors
Pendant amaranth Pendant amaranth beer 2 Outdoors
Blood amaranth Blood amaranth beer 2 Outdoors
Purple amaranth Purple amaranth beer 2 Outdoors
Pearl millet Pearl millet beer 2 Outdoors
White millet White millet beer 2 Outdoors
Finger millet Finger millet beer 2 Outdoors
Foxtail millet Foxtail millet beer 2 Outdoors
Fonio Fonio beer 2 Outdoors
Teff Teff beer 2 Outdoors
Apple Apple cider 2 Fruit-based Outdoors
Apricot Apricot wine 2 Outdoors
Banana Banana beer 2 Outdoors
Bayberry Bayberry wine 2 Outdoors
Carambola Carambola wine 2 Outdoors
Cherry Cherry wine 2 Outdoors
Custard-apple Custard-apple cider 2 Outdoors
Date Date wine 2 Outdoors
Durian Durian wine 2 Outdoors
Guava Guava wine 2 Outdoors
Lychee Lychee wine 2 Outdoors
Mango Mango wine 2 Outdoors
Papaya Papaya wine 2 Outdoors
Peach Peach cider 2 Outdoors
Pear Perry 2 Outdoors
Persimmon Persimmon wine 2 Outdoors
Plum Plum wine 2 Outdoors
Pomegranate Pomegranate wine 2 Outdoors
Rambutan Rambutan wine 2 Outdoors
Sand pear Sand pear cider 2 Outdoors
Artichoke Artichoke wine 2 Outdoors
Tomato Tomato wine 2 Outdoors
Tomatillo Tomatillo wine 2 Outdoors
Passion fruit Passion fruit wine 2 Outdoors
Grape Wine 2 Outdoors
Cranberry Cranberry wine 2 Outdoors
Bilberry Bilberry wine 2 Outdoors
Blueberry Blueberry wine 2 Outdoors
Blackberry Blackberry wine 2 Outdoors
Raspberry Raspberry wine 2 Outdoors
Pineapple Pineapple wine 2 Outdoors
Strawberry Strawberry wine 2 Outdoors
Honey Mead 1 Animal-based Outdoors


Any item of type DRINK:NONE is considered to be an alcoholic beverage as far as the game is concerned, regardless of the material used. Thus, if you were to make a reaction which produces drinks of, say, elf blood, your dwarves would happily chug them down, sating their alcohol dependency in the process. Note that DRINK items don't cause inebriation symptoms by themselves; these are dependent on a syndrome associated with the consumed substance (see the PLANT_ALCOHOL_TEMPLATE raws below for an example). However, you could always add this syndrome, or another one of your own design, to the material you want to use.


Cooks will only cook alcohol and other fluids as a last resort, instead preferring to cook solid foods with solid foods. Bug:2393 For more information, see the kitchen page.

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