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Bull shark


Urist likes bull sharks for their aggressive nature.


· Aquatic

Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 5,000 cm3
Mid: 50,000 cm3
Max: 150,000 cm3

Adult at: 1
Max age: 20-30
Butchering returns

Food items

Meat 9
Fat 8
Brain 1
Heart 1
Intestines 1
Liver 1
Kidneys 2
Tripe 1
Sweetbread 1
Spleen 1

Raw materials

Skull 1
Skin Raw hide

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A medium-sized, aggressive, territorial fish. It can be found in shallow oceanic waters, and has also been known to travel up large rivers.

The Bull shark is one of many shark species implemented in Dwarf Fortress. They are pretty big (2.5 times the size of a dwarf) and produce a fairly large amount of food when butchered. Like all sharks, they don't produce bones.

With a fairly high pet value of 500, they may be worth more to you alive than dead. Taking the time to place cage traps in the ocean may qualify as a stupid dwarf trick, but think of how cool it will be to have a shark infested moat!