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Urist likes rocs for their awe-inspiring size.


· Flying · Megabeast · Steals food · Steals items · Fanciful · Exotic mount

Tamed Attributes
Pet value 10,000

· Egglaying · Exotic pet · Breeding

Trainable:  Hunting   War 

Birth: 200,000 cm3
Mid: 5,000,000 cm3
Max: 20,000,000 cm3
Food products
Eggs 1-2
Adult at: 1
Max age: Immortal
Butchering returns

(Value multiplier x15)

Food items

Meat 416-949
Fat 126-262
Brain 27-34
Heart 13-17
Lungs 54-68
Intestines 83-102
Liver 27-34
Kidneys 26-34
Tripe 27-34
Sweetbread 13-17
Eyes 2
Spleen 13-17

Raw materials

Bones 258-317
Skull 1
Gizzard stone 1

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A bird of prey so large and ferocious it dwarfs many dragons. All beneath its mighty wings should fear the sky.

Rocs are gigantic flying megabeasts. Larger than all but the oldest of dragons, they grow to their adult size in only 20 years.


Rocs can be captured in cage traps and kept as pets if you're lucky enough to catch one. Keep in mind that, as with dragons, you will initially have no knowledge whatsoever of its behaviour; as such, any attempt to tame a roc will require plans to deal with a rampaging flying megabeast that forgot all its training. If your taming attempt is relatively successful, the roc can also be trained as a war or hunting animal at an animal training zone.


Rocs are the only Megabeasts that can currently reproduce in Fort mode without modding, so with enough luck and work, you can very well turn your fort into a roc hatchery and use them to brutally slaughter goblins. You will have to be lucky enough to catch a female roc and have a male on your map, at least, as well as enough patience.