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Urist likes bobcats for their short tails.


Bobcat - Bobcat man - Giant bobcat

Tamed Attributes
Pet value 75

· Exotic pet · Breeding

Trainable:  Hunting   War 

Birth: 800 cm3
Mid: 4,000 cm3
Max: 8,000 cm3

Adult at: 3
Max age: 10-35
Butchering returns

(Value multiplier x2)

Food items

Meat 8
Fat 7
Intestines 1

Raw materials

Bones 4
Skull 1
Skin Raw hide

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A small feline predator with a shortened tail.

Bobcats are small and mostly harmless carnivorous predators found in many biomes. They can be tamed and trained for war or hunting, but are simply too small to be of any effectiveness. Because they take three years to grow up, a strange characteristic for an animal so small, they are also not worth breeding. Still, some dwarves prefer them for their "short tails".