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Multiply value

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An animal's multiply_value affects the value of animal products such as meat, raw hides, silk thread, and anything made from these raw materials, including leather or silk clothing. While it's possible for multiply_value to apply to only specific parts of a creature, all non-modded creatures have use SELECT_MATERIAL:ALL, so all parts of the animal are multiplied.

multiply_value Animal names
x15 Dragon, Roc
x10 Hydra
x5 Elephant, Sea serpent, Sea monster, Giraffe, Rhinoceros
x4 Voracious cave crawler, Jabberer, Cave dragon, Giant lion, Giant leopard, Giant jaguar, Giant tiger, Giant cheetah, Giant desert scorpion, Unicorn, Cave crocodile, Giant toad, Giant olm, Giant bat, Giant cave spider
x3 Grizzly bear, Alligator, Lion, Leopard, Jaguar, Tiger, Cheetah, Saltwater crocodile, Polar bear, Elk bird, Green devourer, Rutherer, Draltha, Blind cave bear, Yeti, Sasquatch, Fire imp, Gila monster, Anaconda, Lynx
x2 Black bear, Cougar, Wolf, Muskox, Elk, Magma crab, Helmet snake, Giant earthworm, Molemarian, Ice wolf, Beak dog, Strangler, Giant rat, Giant mole, Purring maggot, Giant cave swallow, Panda, Capybara, Coyote, Adder, Bobcat, Rattlesnake, Copperhead snake, Dingo, Hyena, Monitor lizard, King cobra, Ocelot, Jackal, Black mamba, Sloth bear, Bushmaster, Python

The giant and animal man versions, if not listed, have the same multiply_value as the base animal.