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An underground tunnel in the caverns with stairs leading down to a mountain halls. Ahead the way splits off to other dwarven sites under the mountains.

A tunnel is an underground dwarven construction that connects generated fortresses and mountain halls together.

On maps tunnels are represented by black dashed lines or grey double lines in ASCII mode. The name of the tunnel may be seen when mousing over it on the embark map. There are both a setting and an advanced world generation option to prevent the display of them on maps.

Tunnels are paved with rock block floors with ramps at elevation changes. They are located in the first cavern layer, and the sides are frequently open to the caverns.

Fortresses can be embarked over tunnels. The tunnels are open at the edges of the embark, allowing easily accessible fun, but they can be blocked off by constructing walls and/or raising bridges.

Tunnels are the most convenient way for adventurers to travel underground. Fast travel is allowed along them, unlike other underground areas. They may provide a path between dwarven mountain halls and the surface via fortresses.

Tunnels are built during the world generation, like roads. In legends, viewing the history of dwarven civilizations will mention tunnels they've constructed. Tunnel names will include words like cave, deep, passage, corridor, and hall. Unlike roads, there are not separately constructed or named bridges.

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Dwarven: ód
Elvish: thateme
Goblin: zutôsp
Human: gujeg
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