Masterwork:Altar of Armok

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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Altar of Armok


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Materials Used
  • various
Goods Created
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This building is part of the dwarven religion system.

The Altar allows offerings to the blood god. You have a small chance of 10-20% to get a special item from this.


Reaction Reactants Possible Products Notes
Sacrifice a heart to Armok Heart All the items you can get from praying at the shrine Sacrifices a whole stack of hearts.
Sacrifice a soul to Armok Soul Any of the normal temple rewards at a much higher chance (10x)
Offer a life to Armok Dwarf Steel armor of armok, steel war hammer of armok Kills the dwarf running the reaction and causes bad thoughts. This reaction is also possible at the temple for a better reward.
Offer blood to Armok Blood or blood containing item Bloody crafts or bloody war hammer of Armok
Offer a totem to Armok Totem, food storage container Skull frond
Offer bones to Armok (bone stack) Bones, food storage container Essence of marrow This makes use of bones in the default state, using up an entire stack.
Offer bones to Armok (separate bones) Stacks (separate bones), food storage container Essence of marrow This makes use of bones that have been separated into individual bones at a Craftsdwarf's workshop
Offer Alcohol to Armok Drink, empty food storage container Hell wine or Armoks wine
Offer meat to Armok Meat, empty food storage container Tears of Armok Transforms the dwarf who drinks it twice to heal them completely (with 2 announcements). Can be very annoying if it ends up in booze stockpile.
Offer ash to Armok Ash Devil thorn wood, Armoks thorn tree