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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31 · v3i

The crucible is a big melting pot to extract base minerals or purify metals. You can remove the rust from iron and steel, or melt blocks into obsidian and slade. Four blocks yield one obsidian, eight blocks for slade.

The metals are chrome, cobalt, mithril, titanium and wolfram. Chrome is decorational only, cobalt around iron-grade, mithril around steel-grade but very light, titanium decorational only, and wolfram very heavy. All of these have an alloys associated with them in the Metallurgist as well. Most of these minerals can only be found in small clusters, the exception being cobaltite veins.

The most important reaction is the more efficient making of both bronze and steel which the crucible allows. You will get one additional bar, as well as a small chance for another one. It is about 65% more efficient than the smelter reactions.

As with all magma furnaces, you can fill magma bottles here. These are used in the spawn location to create liquid magma, for moats or traps.

As with all metalworking, it produces slag, a waste product that needs to be cleaned up with the slag pit. If you disable the slag pit, no slag should appear in-game. Slag is not stockpiled.

The crucible requires research to be constructed.