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Job Requirement

Milling & pressing

Materials Jobs


Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Bonemill is a workshop available to the Warlock and Succubus races. It is used to grind bones, vermin remains, totems or bone armor/weapons into bonemeal stones, which may be used as flux.

Reaction Key Materials Races
Grind remains(2) to bonemeal(flux) a 2 vermin remains Warlock, Succubus
Grind bones to bonemeal(flux) b 1 stack of bones Warlock, Succubus
Grind bone totem to bonemeal(flux) c 1 totem Warlock, Succubus
Grind bone armor to bonemeal(flux) d 1 bone body armor Warlock
Grind bone boots to bonemeal(flux) e 2 bone shoes/boots Warlock
Grind bone helm to bonemeal(flux) f 1 bone helm Warlock
Grind bone gloves to bonemeal(flux) g 2 bone gloves Warlock
Grind bone pants to bonemeal(flux) h 1 bone pants Warlock
Grind bone shield to bonemeal(flux) i 1 bone shield Warlock
Grind bone weapon to bonemeal(flux) j 1 bone weapon Warlock