Masterwork:Shrine of Armok

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Shrine of Armok


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Materials Used
  • various
Goods Created
  • various
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

This building is part of the dwarven religion system.

Shrines are the most basic of religious buildings. Any dwarf can pray at them to receive a small gift from Armok with a success rate of around 3-6% for most things. There is no cost to this praying, which makes it a good way to train your apostles while still retaining a chance to get items (which wouldn't be the case with the monastery).

If you have a strange mood that can't be fulfilled, you may be able to pray at a shrine for the item(s) you need.

Build Requirements[edit]

  • 2 blocks
  • A space of 3x3
  • Praying


Reaction Reagents Possible Products
Pray for booze Empty food storage item Dwarven Wine
Pray for food Empty food storage item Plump helmets
Pray for soft metal Nothing Platinum, silver or gold bar
Pray for hard metal Nothing Iron, bronze or steel bar
Pray for gem Nothing Rough aquamarine, black opal or topaz
Pray for silk Nothing Silk thread, rare silk thread or silk cloth
Pray for wool Nothing Wool thread or wool cloth
Pray for cotton Nothing Cotton fibre thread or cotton fibre cloth