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Temple of fire


Job Requirement


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Materials Used

Various; see article

Goods Created

Various; see article

This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Temple of fire is a workshop available to the Succubus race. It permits several reactions, thematically linked to the element of fire.

Providing an upgrade requires no activated labor. You can select who to upgrade by using the workshop profile P and doing your selection, you will need to appoint a keeper of secrets first. In order to upgrade a fighter, you will have to first put his/her squad off duty first.

Reaction Key Materials Result
Heat up the forges (1-3) Alt+h
  • 1-3 refined charcoal
  • The worker will become tired.
  • Requires the furnace operating labor
Learn torrid kiss (worker upgrade) k
  • Grants a melee fire attack in the form of a small firejet.
Grant fire immunity (worker upgrade) i
  • Worker is transformed into the Fireborn Succubus caste, immune to fire.
Learn Gehenna fire (worker upgrade) f
  • Worker learns to throw fireballs at longe range or breathe fire at close quarters.
  • The worker is named as a pyromancer.
Conjure fire storm r
  • Summons dozens of fireballs to strike the ouside area. Twice.
  • Use the sorcery labor