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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31 · v4a

Build labor Skill Buildmat Dimension Requirements
Mason Any Skill 5 Blocks, 4 statues 11x11 Mason or Carpenter
building_colosseum.txt reaction_colosseum.txt

The colosseum allows you to fight creatures. You need a changeling pet for it to work. The changeling is transformed into the monster you want to fight. To create metal colossi as enemies you will also need the "book of summonings" which can be bought from the drow.

The creatures are sorted by strength. Some have special abilities: Cerberus can breath fire. Cave Ogre is blind. Giant Scorpion has very potent venom. The balrog is hot enough to melt parts of it that are not magma-proof. Each killed balrog gives you 2 volcanic weapons, a trophy and a skill aether, for the legendary skill boost.

Every Colossus is a building destroyer, so if you don't kill him, he will raze the colosseum, the door, and then your fortress. Each killed colossus gives you a trophy, 25 bars of metal, and a soul, for the legendary skill boost.