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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31


The tavern allows twelve songs to be played. All of them last for 1 month, except clean and raise dead. Only one song can be active on each dwarf, they don't stack. They temporarily add tags to the nearby dwarves. You need one instrument for each song, with some only gained through trading with humans, elves or drow. Please beware that the dead raised by the Bonerattle are of course hostile to all living creatures.

Your bard will stay motionless in the tavern for the duration of this one month. He can't move, but will fight if attacked. All dwarves within 25 tiles can hear the songs.


  • Speed (+25%)
  • Courage (nofear, noexert)
  • Battle (+15% strength, agility endurance)
  • No Food/Drink (no food, no drink)
  • No Sleep (no sleep, no stun, no paralyze)
  • Sleep (fall asleep immediately)
  • Clean (all blood/ichor/vomit/mud etc is cleaned)
  • Horror (vomiting for a short time, after that immune to nausea, dizziness and fever)
  • Fighting (likes fighting)
  • Dance of the Dead (all corpses come to life)
  • Controlling (calms berserking dwarves, slows and give noemotions)
  • Luck (250% more luck)


Gambling takes copper, silver or gold coins and has a somewhat random chance of winning more, or losing your money. It always takes 500 coins for one reaction. You can also exchange 1000 copper coins for 500 silver coins, and 1000 silver coins for 500 gold coins.


Tavern brawls are training reactions for mostly misc combat skills. You cant train armor or edged/ranged weapons, but things like fighting, striking, kicking, dodging are included. These need random tavern items as reagents, like tables, chairs and flasks.