Masterwork:Temple of sin

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Temple of sin


Job Requirement


Materials Jobs


Materials Used
  • soul
  • other materials; see article
Goods Created
  • Skill syndromes; see article
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Temple of sin is a workshop available to the Succubus race. It allows Succubi (and Incubi) to "learn" various abilities (implemented as permanent syndromes which attach themselves to the worker).

Providing an upgrade requires no activated labor. You can select who to upgrade by using the workshop profile P and doing your selection, you will need to appoint a keeper of secrets first. In order to upgrade a fighter, you will have to first put his/her squad off duty first.

Reaction Key Materials Description
Learn martial excitement e Increases combat abilities based on happiness.
Learn pheromones + entice l Removes aging, pain and exertion, adds two combat interactions:
  • A targeted syndrome, reducing strength and skill with a chance of disarming
  • an undirected pheromone release that reduce the agility and toughness

At regular interval, the updated worker will also receive a speed boost both for itself and it's nearby allies.

Learn abyssal gaze a Stun enemy, render the enemy unconsious shortly after.
Learn berserk rage b Increases combat abilities based on unhappiness.
Learn necrosis chant n An enemy is hit by nausea and necrosis.
Devour soul d Gain 250 in each physical attribute.
Learn mind theft d
  • 1 soul
  • 1 shell craft
Make one enemy opposed to life temporarly, it will hit with 25% skill for the duration of the effet.