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Altar of nightmares


Job Requirement


Materials Jobs


Materials Used

Various; see article

Goods Created

Various; see article

This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Altar of nightmares is a workshop available to the Succubus race.

Reaction Key Materials Result
Visit a broker's nightmares b 1 craft
Visit a crafter's nighmares c 1 craft
Visit a farmer's nighmares f 1 food
Visit a warrior's nighmares w 1 ammo
Provoke a siege s
  • 1 oboe
  • 1 two-handed sword(?)
  • Causes a siege to occur (random non-slaver race -- see below)
Lure gnome merchants to their doom G 3 souls
  • Causes a Gnome merchant caravan to arrive
Lure drow merchants to their doom c 3 souls
  • Causes a Drow merchant caravan to arrive
Lure human merchants to their doom d 3 souls
  • Causes a Human merchant caravan to arrive
Lure elven merchants to their doom e 3 souls
  • Causes an Elf merchant caravan to arrive
Lure dwarven merchants to their doom f 3 souls
  • Causes a Dwarf merchant caravan to arrive

When provoking a siege, one of the following races is selected:

Race Probability
Dwarf 12.3%
Elf 12.3%
Human 12.3%
Gnome 7.4%
Antmen 2.5%
Troglodytes 7.4%
Automata 4.9%
Banshees 4.9%
Frost giants 4.9%
Warlocks 2.5%
Centaurs 7.4%
Kobolds 4.9%
Naga 7.4%
Werewolves 7.4%