Masterwork:Caravanserai arms bazaar

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Caravanserai Arms Bazaar


Job Requirement


Materials Jobs
  • Scribe
Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Caravanserai Arms Bazaar is one of four orcish workshops used for trade. Weapons, armor and ammo can be bought or sold here. Copper coins may be exchanged for silver or silver coins for gold using 5,000 coins at a 25:5:2 rate.



  • 50 bronze arrows (1,000 silver coins)
  • 50 iron arrows (1,000 gold coins)
  • 5 Bronze ballista arrows (2,000 silver coins)
  • Bronze crossbows (1,000 gold coins)
  • Silver warhammers (2,000 gold coins)
  • 6 pulleys (2,000 silver coins)
  • 6 Bronze trap components (3,000 gold coins)
  • Steel katana (1,000 platinum coins)
  • Steel polehammer (1,000 platinum coins)
  • Steel battle axe (1,000 platinum coins)
  • Steel battle pick (1,000 platinum coins)
  • Legion Auxilla blueprints (5,000 gold coins)