Masterwork:Wood splitting block

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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Wood splitting block


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Cutting wood[edit]

Only needing one block to be built, this workshop should be constructed early. It automatically queues actions for smoothing rough wood logs and cutting gnarled roots. Both actions have a 10% chance to produce a pile of sawdust or tree acorns. Acorns allow trees to be planted in farm plots. Sawdust allows the making of plywood. Both require the Sawmill. If you dislike having the sawdust around, you can set it to clean/destroy it for you.

Cutting logs into planks gives you 4 wooden blocks that can be used in constructions, but not in workshops. Good for walls and floors.

Certain types of wood, like featherwood, cannot be cut into planks using the wood splitting block. You need a sawmill for that.