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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

You can specifically select which plant should be milled. This way you can produce only dye or flour or sugar, without using valuable plants. Several old plants have new powders in this mod, and hive-able cochineal insects give red dye. Keep in mind that the millstone has completely different reactions.

Plant Produces
Plump Helmet Purple dye
Hide Root Brown dye
Muck Root White dye
Sliver Barb Black dye
Sun Berry Yellow dye
Cochineal Red dye
Blade Weed Green dye
Dimple Cup Blue dye
Sweet Pot Sugar
Whip Vine Flour
Longland Grass Flour
Cave Wheat Flour

Dyes are used for cloth and thread, but also for the painters workshop or to make ink used in the Scriptorium or Printing Press. Flour and sugar are used in the kitchen for bread and candy.