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Job Requirement
Materials Jobs
Materials Used
  • Paper
  • Ink
Goods Created
  • Blank Books
  • Notebooks
  • Essays
  • Tomes
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Scriptorium is the first building for the very powerful and somewhat complex new Library system. The Scriptorium is where Dwarfs with the writing labor enabled can create the materials needed for studying in one of the four libraries. All of the materials produced in a Scriptorium are stored in a Finished goods stockpile that has Tools enabled.


You can make all Ink varieties in a Craftsdwarf's Workshop, although there are three types of ink, there is no functional difference between each one. Ink can be made using one empty Jug and either Blood (Red Ink), Ash from an Ashery (Black Ink) or Graphite (Grey ink).


Pages can refer to either paper (made at a Screw Press), Papyrus (made at the Thatchery), or Velum (made at the Tanner).

Blank Books[edit]

Blank Books are made from five pages.


Notebooks are made from five pages. When produced they are empty containers, each use adds one page to the notebook. Once the notebook contains ten pages a dwarf with the writing labor enabled will 'store' it in the scriptorium, Destroying the notebook. This task is activated automatically as soon as the book is full.

Essays and Tomes[edit]

Essays can be made from one Page and one jug of ink. Reading an essay will either destroy the essay and grant 30xp (75% chance) OR grant 60xp and the essay will be kept. (25% chance)

Tomes are made from one blank book, one jug of ink and one essay. Reading a Tome requires a Notebook and will either destroy the Tome granting 330xp (50% Chance) OR Grant 360xp and the Tome will be kept (50% chance). Either outcome will add a page to the notebook.


Every time a dwarf creates a Tome at the scriptorium it has a ten percent chance of creating a Masterpiece as well. A masterpiece is a single use tome that, when read, will grant 1500xp.

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