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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31


New Workshop: Speaker's Podium

  • The Speakers Podium allows dwarves to hold speeches, read printed material and show items of public interest, like wanted-posters.
  • The dwarf running the reaction will transform into a "speaker" standing on the podium for 1 month. He will affect all nearby dwarves in that time.
  • Wanted-posters, lists of public hangings and prayers might reveal hints about saboteurs, possessed dwarves or cultists in your fort.
  • Saboteurs are a planned feature and currently do not exist yet.
  • Holding speeches or reading poems, scientific journals or reports will permanently raise mental stats of all listeners. This means that the Speakers Podium can slowly raise the mental stats of all dwarves, up to the maximum, over the years.