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Materials Jobs
Materials Used
Goods Created
  • Plateboots
  • Plategauntlet
  • Platehelm
  • Plategreave
  • Platemail
  • Kite shield
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

An Armory is where armorsmiths upgrade cv:metal armor with steel cv:bars and tanned cv:hides.



  • b Improve mail shirt (needs mail shirt)
  • d Improve helm (needs helm)
  • e Improve cap (needs cap)
  • f Improve gauntlet (needs gauntlet)
  • h Improve high boot (needs high boot)
  • i Improve low boot (needs low boot)
  • l Improve shield (needs shield)
  • m Improve buckler (needs buckler)
  • n Improve tower shield (needs tower shield)
  • o Improve kite shield (needs kite shield)
  • g Improve plate gauntlets (needs plate gauntlets)
  • k Improve greaves (needs greaves)
  • c Improve plate armor (needs plate armor)
  • a Improve breastplate (needs breastplate)
  • j Improve plate boots (needs plate boots)