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Fletcher's workshop


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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

  • The Fletcher is an extension to the vanilla bowyer. Meph cant alter the bowyer, so he made a custom workshop for it.
  • You can make bows from wood and thread.
  • You can upgrade bows, crossbows and javelin throwers with mechanisms, to make composite bows/repeating crossbows/javelin throwers. These shoot faster.
  • You can add large daggers to bows, crossbows and javelin throwers as a bayonet. Better melee damage, using the spear skill.
  • You can even add bayonets to repeating/composite versions, or add mechanisms to bayonetted versions. This will net you both upgrades.
  • You can make wooden/bone bolts, arrows and javelins. Three types, piercing, hammerhead and broadhead.
  • Piercing does damage like spear(piercing), hammerhead like a hammer (blunt), broadhead like a sword(cutting).

Ranged weapons[edit]

You can create bows, upgrade all ranged weapons and make specialized ammo from wood or bone. The Fletchers Workshop is the advancement of the bowyer.

Bows require wood and thread to be made. You have two kinds of upgrades available for ranged weapons, you can either bayonett them using a large dagger, or add 2 mechanisms to them to increase their rate of fire. You can even do both if you wish, creating a bladed repeating weapon.

The ammo comes in three types, broadhead (cutting damage), hammerhead (blunt damage) and piercing (piercing damage). In essence they work the same as sword, hammer and spear. You can make bolts, arrows and javelins from wood and bone. You can find the metal counterparts of this ammo in the Ammo Caster among the furnaces.