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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The metallurgist is a furnace that allows the creation of alloys from base metals. While the weapons-grade alloys can be time-consuming to produce, their abilities are superior to the unalloyed forms. Other metals are important for other industries, such as steam power and precision technology. Unless it is the Magma Metallurgist, all reactions require 1 fuel. Every reaction outputs the same number of bars as were inputted.

As with all magma furnaces, you can fill magma bottles at the magma metallurgist. These are used in the spawn location to create liquid magma, for moats or traps.

Making alloys produces slag, but melting them does not.

You can also melt down all alloys into their component metals.

Alloy Number of Bars Source Notes
Billon 2 1 Silver+1 Copper Used in Welded cobalt
Bismuth bronze 4 2 Copper+1 Tin+1 Bismuth
Black bronze 4 2 Copper+1 Silver+1 Gold Average Value, Decorative
Brass 2 1 Copper+1 Zinc Used in Steam Engine
Electrum 2 1 Silver+1 Gold High Value, Used in Welded titanium
Mithril 2 1 Steel+3 Silver High Grade for Edged Weapons, Armor. Light. Can also be mined.
Nickel silver 4 2 Nickel+1 Copper+1 Zinc
Fine pewter 4 3 Tin+1 Copper
Lay pewter 4 2 Tin+1 Copper+1 Lead
Trifle pewter 3 2 Tin+1 Copper
Rose gold 4 3 Copper+1 Gold Used in Welded wolfram
Spring steel 4 3 Steel+1 Nickel Used in Toolmaking
Sterling silver 4 3 Silver+1 Copper
White copper 3 2 Copper+1 Nickel
Welded chrome 2 1 Chrome+1 Iron High Value
Welded cobalt 2 1 Cobalt+1 Billon Near Steel Grade
Welded titanium 2 1 Titanium+1 Electrum High Value
Welded mithril 2 1 Mithril+1 Titanium Extremely good for edged weapons/armor. Extremely light.
Welded wolfram 2 1 Wolfram+1 Rose gold Very good for blunt weapons. Extremely heavy.