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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

This building is part of the dwarven religion system.

It allows a dwarf to join the Apostles of Armok and construct ceremonial statues and totems that are needed for the Altar of Armok and Temple of Armok. It is also possible to Pray To Armok here and train the prayer skill, but without receiving any items as reward.

This building requires an 11x11 space.


Reaction Reagent Product
Pray to Armok Nothing Nothing (prayer experience only). May produce announcements to the tune of "Armok hears your prayers", "Armok is watching you", "Armok is pleased". The effect of pleasing the blood god (if there is any) is unknown.
Join the Apostles Nothing The dwarf running the reaction will change into an apostle of Armok.
Make Ceremonial Statue Statue Ceremonial Statue
Make ceremonial totem Totem Ceremonial Totem