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Well of souls


Job Requirement

Furnace Operating

Materials Jobs

Furnace Operating

Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Well of souls is a furnace available to the Succubus race. It has four reactions:

Reaction Key Materials Results
Harvest soul from nearby corpses s None Transforms nearby eligible corpses into souls
Harvest soul from totem S 1 totem 1 soul
Trap soul in cut gem c 1 soul gem
Trap soul in cut green glass c 1 soul gem

The first "Harvest soul" reaction affects all corpses in line of sight from the worker. This is especially useful for unbutcherable corpses, allowing you to convert them into useful souls (although you still won't get any bones, meat, skin, etc.). There is a known issue that, depending of the position of the corpses, the worker may leave without turning those into souls. This can be fixed by queuing the job twice (this is a free action) of by making sure that the worker has to walk through the corpse storage to exit.