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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The advanced still, a brewery is much more efficient at creating alcohol including Bloodwine from barrels of blood and can be used to convert alcohol to fuel or, in an emergency it can be used to extract water from alcohol.


Brewing at the Brewery functions largely the same as at a still with the added functionallity of being able to choose what plant to use and producing an extra five units of alcohol per plant. To counterbalance this, the Alcohol produced will be split across two barrels. You can also use a barrel of blood to produce a single barrel of Bloodwine with a base value of 15.


Using a single barrel of alcohol, a barrel of oil and a stack of tallow you can produce three bars of fuel. This is expensive, but very useful on embarks with little wood or coal.


In a pinch alcohol can be converted to water. A single unit of alcohol filling a single bucket. Why dwarfes would want to trade booze for water is still a mystery.