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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31


New Workshop: Prison

  • An addition to the vanilla justice system to help cope with tantruming dwarves, possessed and cursed dwarves, werebeats and vampires, the cult, as well as diseased and sick dwarves.
  • The Prison allows to lock away any dwarf for 1-12 months. The dwarf will stay in the prison, immobile, mute and blind.
  • Locking a dwarf into a cell costs you food and drink. The longer the stay, the higher the initial cost of the reaction.
  • Dwarves that have been in prison will get a 2% malus on their attribues for each month. 10 month prison stay? Say goodbye to 20% of you attributes.
  • Similar to quantum stockpiles and cages, prison cells can hold unlimited creatures.
  • The shackled prisoners could even be moved by pasturing them somewhere else, if need be. They are still immobile, mute and blind.