Masterwork:Screw press

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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Press glue from bloated tubers, used for bookbinding or plywood-making. Other sources are horn/hoof in the Kitchen, or spore-tree resin in the Herbalist's Lab.

Press water from quarry bush leaves into buckets, oil from pig tails, shadowleaf bushes, quarry bushes or hide root into jugs. Press wooden logs into 2 pages of paper. And the most awesome show of dwarven might: Press coal together so hard, that it becomes a diamond. Humans need high-pressure chambers for this, but dwarves do it with their biceps.

The oil can be used to polish wood, harden leather, make soap or burning ammo. The paper you will need for bookbinding, alternatives for it are papyrus (thatchery) or vellum (tanner). Water is, as always, used for injured dwarves.